Okay so I was hella bored the other day and started brainstorming for some new entertaining $hit for LateBoots, and this is what I came up with -"Ask Sham". Some of you may have seen this with Lil Wayne on, if not well....just know that I stole the idea from there-kill me! ["And that was called recycling--Or re-reciting--Something cause you just like it--So you say it just like it--Some say it's biting--But I say it's enlightening" -lil wayne]

But anyway, I'm going to start taking in questions and answering them via youtube. You can send in questions if you need advice, questions about me, or anything you want to know-but don't give too much, let's not get too personal. This may turn out good depending on the questions. Who knows.....lets try something different. If I feel the question could be answered better by one of my fellow Booters then I'll shoot the question to them.

Oh & I won't call out any names in the videos, your name will remain anonymous. This is not to create drama, it's just to inform and entertain.

Send your questions to or post your question in the comment box.