Bevy Smith

I must admit and be honest with the thousands of you, even I myself wonder where my future is going and why is it not going the pace that Im running in. I get tons of emails on how I keep going or where do I get my strength from. Although I would love to give you a fairy tale response and say my parents but the truth is, Bevy Smith. Bevy Smith's style and intuition to recognize trends makes her a distinguished figure in the worlds of fashion and media. With her wit and appealing persona, she has become an on-air resource for VH1, BET and Oxygen.

Bevy Smith played an active role in the success of Vibe Magazine, she was the Fashion Advertising Director for nearly 5 years, then the Editor-at-Large. Other titles include Senior Fashion Director at Rolling Stone Magazine and Contributing Editor at Latina Magazine. She's also a freelance writer, contributing to Paper Magazine, Interview and 21st Century Hustle.

Let me take you back; I was in New York at this Babyphat after party a few years ago, I remembered her from some show I use to watch and I just approached her, we clicked and the rest is history. Bevy's played the title of my mentor or life coach if you will-she's gotten me right together plenty of times. In order to grow you should have someone that you look up to in your field, try not to hang with people that just tell you how fab you are-you can learn more from a critique than from a compliment. I tipped to New York this summer on some fly shit and Momma B was like " chile you've only been here for 2 months, you have to pay your dues".

What keeps me goin is the fact that I know Im in good hands. I don't hang with too many kats-I prefer women. Im quite and I observe. Now that was some good advise right there. Im tellin yall, she makes me wiser. I marvel at her success.

Bevy has now turned into a Lifestyle Specialist traveling the world and now Smith also hosts "Dinner With Bevy," a unique social experience that connects trendsetters in style, entertainment and media at intimate dinners.Do I have a girlfriend, well technically no-but I love the lady to the right with all of my heart-Ericka Pittman

Remember to just go for yours, Im goin for mine. I use to watch Bevy's career when I was back home in Houston on the t.v. and now we sip champagne and discuss how to conquer the game.

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