Im not sure what YOU do in your spare time but I tune into Bravo's Million Dollar Listing and my I get life from Chad Rogers. Chad's bob is what initially caught my attention and then I got into boy's personal style which is sick. It's really weird because I stan for Rogers, like I feel as if we are homeboys. What made me click and know that we were long lost brothers is the latest episode where Chad is in the salon and fixes his hair until perfection; that is so me it was scary. Now it seems as if this real estate agent is putting his hands into the fashion jar. Surprisingly-or not, Chad is coming out with his own line of polo shirts."Finally the date is almost here to purchase the first piece of Chad Rogers’ Couture. Whether your showing a house to your client, playing golf, or having a nice Sunday brunch with the family, Chad Rogers’ Couture Polo will give you that edge." " It's funny cause I tell everyone that I think I sold my soul to the devil a couple of years ago, I never age."

I love this guy; only I would find that statement amusing.

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