Gemma Calls It Quits?

High fashion model and guru Gemma Ward has stormed many runways and campaign ads for the past couple of years and has NO trouble with doing such. Recently picking up roles in major film productions (The Strangers & Black Ballon), Ward has tapped into her acting skills and now plans on pursuing it FULL TIME - at least according to sources.

"Gemma Ward is close to officially retiring from modeling. She is retiring to pursue her Hollywood acting career." Pedestrian Magazine quoted.

After seeing "The Strangers" I really wasn't blown away by her character or how she portrayed it. Seeing that it has been only two films that she has completed, I dont feel that it is neccessary that she quits modeling so swiftly. Gemma Ward has definitely solidified herself as a threat in the modeling industry and for her to lose grasp would be total fooletry.

((...stay in the GAME G))

iCON :)