H&M Gets More - More FASHION

Popular clothing store H&M has been on the forefront for a while now up the East coast and out West but since hitting Atlanta it has become a craze - for some. Now don't think that I don't enjoy H&M but when things become so popular I tend to stray away from them. Not only has it caught the attention of just consumers but designer labels and brands have caught wind of the immense amount of success that the store has been obtaining. Hi-fashion label Comme Des Garcons is gearing up to promote their new line for H&M this November. The collection which brings Rei Kawakubo’s avant-garde aesthetic to H&M’s affordable fast fashion for the masses is going to be the most interesting while yet bring together total opposites.
“Certainly we’re opposite,” Kawakubo explains. “But I believe the success of H&M is that they not only start out on the basis of having to sell a lot of clothes at good prices to a lot of people; they also look for new ways of doing things, and that’s why I respect them. This idea of collaborating with designers—that’s something I can identify with.”

The collection will mostly include black and with Japanese tomboy airs, the H&M collection includes a range of tailored jackets, many deconstructed, along with cropped pants, baggy shorts and a variety of skirts in stretch wool. On the funkier side are polka dot knits in jersey or merino wool, colorful shirts—some with dots—and a ’showpiece’ coatdress decorated here and there with dense Victorian ruffles. I think that this collection will definitely fit right in with the aura of H&m and will also remain true to it's obvious essence of avant-garde.

((...the beat gets BEATER))

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