High Fashion Literature - Edward Steichen

This summer has allowed me the opportunity to really read and RESEARCH about the industry of OLD. With the past being overshadowed by the over saturation of POP these days it is very EASY to lose focus of the origin of fashion - high fashion. Coming across this book allowed me to not only flex my muscle of beautiful photography but it turned on the light of knowledge as I interpreted every aspect of this NOVEL (in my opinion).

Edward Steichen: In High Fashion is the most extensive collection assembled of the legendary photographers’s Vogue and Vanity Fair work available to the public. In 1923 Steichen was offered the chief photographer position for both magazines, the most prestigious position attainable in the commercial photography domain. Through the years Steichen snapped Fred Astaire, Greta Garbo, Gloria Swanson and Charlie Chaplin. Published by W.W.Norton & Company, the book is a companion to a traveling exhibit of Steichen’s fashion photography and celebrity portraits. Included are more than 200 images from the Condé Nast archives, as well as introductory essays from the curators.

It is a MUST read. Beautiful verbiage as well as ART.

((...reading is REMEMBERING))