I Wish I Wore Sneakers

Back in my past life I use to wear Jordans, Creative Recreations and Iceberg ( Iceberg use to be sold at Saks Fifth so don't give me too much )-moving forward I've become a fan of sneaks-just not on me. So get into this shoe galaxy, like the display of these shoes are SICKKKK.Now this is where the exclusive T comes in at, Im not suppose to say what store this is, if you already know then that's kool-but if you want to know about the store or any shoes you see send me an email and I'll put you on.

Oh but first you must be a LB 6 Inches Member, and you can do that by sending an email to: for future exclusive info.

And yes 6 inches refers to the heel of a pump.

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r