Isaac SCHOOLS On Style

Fashion designer and mogul Isaac Mizrahi has yet again set out to dominate but this time - the world of literature. After taking on the runways of New York and the aisles of Target, Mizrahi is set to release his book "How To Have Style" in October. Allegedly Mr. Mizrahi doesnt believe in "makeovers" so this book will teach you to explore your inner personal style.

This book tells the "style story" of 12 women that has fashion crisis and Mizrahi is there to help them dress in only what inspires them and to help them stay true to their personal style. The book will also serve as a guide to mixing and matching colors, patterns and prints. It's a basic fashion know how. This book WILL be a help and inspiration to so many people. The book is available on pre-order for $20.00 HERE!

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