Kanye To Launch Fresh Burger

Mr. West is not to be played with, not only does he plan on taking over the fashion world with his main Taz Arnold, but word is he's about to launch a chain of burger restaurants in his native Chicago. KW Foods LLC have purchased the rights to the North American Fatburger franchise to develop 10 fast food joints in Chicago. I want them to change the name to "Fresh Burger", and I want some free Pastelle with my order-instead of a "Happy Meal" it should be called a "Flashing Meal".

The first of the eateries is set to open in Orland Park in September, while a second restaurant will open in January. Im dying to see what the uniforms will look like-I say a tux, bow-tie, shades and some Lanvin sneakers...Im just sayin'.

Welcome to Fresh Burger " are YOU fresh today".

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