The Look Board-Keep It Low

I swear I know more about hair than the average barber, some of my friends joke that I graduated from barber college with golden scissors. I laugh but if only that was true-I could be making a killing if I opened my own barbershop. Let's get to the look board, low cuts are a must in my opinion, from most top models to the everyday guy. It just works.

Depending on your hair texture, having a good haircut can add value to your head. Trust me. I use to hate my hair when I was growing up because I had to get it cut every week but now that thick mane of mine is my signature look. Advice to those who have corse hair keep it low, growing it out gives me an afro which is not a good look. Curls are ok for certain people but I suggest you chop it. You never wanna look made up, like you spent time making those waves or the infamous wave cap print that runs across most guys foreheads....just keep it low bro.

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