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The 7/31 post excited me so much, I thought to shoot for the stars. As an avid fan of both LateBoots AND fashion, I have attached the requested writing sample and 3 pictures. I couldn't resist the urge to send a that's there too in case you change your mind! Very cool opportunity for the "little people" on the part of the LateBoots squad!.-

Kicking off our "Search of The Boot" is Brittany-I'm attracted to her style of writing. After the READ MORE link is where you can find Newman's article. I'm asking for the LB viewers to read it ( it's long ) and give their opinion. Remember YOU guys are picking our new writer for the Fall relaunch. I have to admit that it's killing me because I have to keep quite on how the new site will look and who/what will be featured on it. The social life of the new writer will definitely change-get ready to be put on.


You’ve Neo’d THAT…Now Neo-This! by Brittany

The explosion of this year’s 80’s inspired neon colors and asymmetrical haircuts, dresses, tops, and swimwear took this foxy fashionista for a whirlwind that had me wayyy seasick by time the summer season started. So naturally, I’m glad to lay the disturbingly unoriginal perfectly duplicated trends of the 80’s to rest (yet again!), which makes me ‘UBER excited about this fall’s more whimsical, sophisticated, and chic lady-like forecast! Sadly, I feel like sophistication is underrated-- too often mistaken for matronly and ugh, much to my own dismay, it’s usually conveyed that way. This time around, we have the “Sex and the City” movie which has clearly inspired the fall 2008 runway and given us a blueprint for how grown-up can be flirty and fabulous!

Toss out that tired, tight-ass mini dress because fall pieces such as Louis Goldin’s printed minis and Jasmine di Milo’s soft, lightweight textured skirts are creating more sculpted silhouettes by bringing the waistline up and flaring that skirt out. The appearance of longer legs is bound to give any girl the stark presence that will distinguish her as a true stallion from all the shameful ass-tastic, crotch-shot hoopla the fashion world has been gagging us with all year.

Bold colors and prints from the past will still be on board, but not necessarily in the form of bright-brights (like yellow, pink or green). Fall’s most classic colors like navy blue, grey, and red will now possess more vibrant hues, making them more prominent and fun. *Yawn* oh, did I mention that freaking ‘new wave’ plaid is back too? This time, in the form of shirt dresses. Designers like Michael Kors and Diane Von Furstenberg are successful in making this look more high fashion and less

—Jessie Mae, shall I say? And coupled with a slender belt, I’ll admit…the look now will be more playful, but I loathe that the crisscross patterns won’t do much for my full-figured fashionistas.

Bey definitely won’t be able to fit that tumor-sized rock Jay-Z refers to in her new purse now—the oversized bag is out and the clutch has officially snuck in the back door. Marc Jacobs even brings sophisti-back to our beloved handbag by replacing the patent and metallic tackiness trend with abstract stud detailing and slightly distressed leather. Valentino has mixed the edginess of snakeskin with more feminine rose shapes for his fall handbag.

Thanks to Kanye (much thanks!) scarves were a big deal this year too, but this fall the scarf is a bit less artsy or hobo and cleans up quite nicely as an oversized bow! This invites silk blouses to the party, which practically spoons the dramatic look until the sun comes up…umm hmm, How U DORin?!

I hope we can officially DENOUNCE the stiletto pump this season, as I was done with it after that Crime Mob song back in ’05. This year, the spike heel is where sexy is at! Stella McCartney has featured a satin and metal shoe in the August edition of “W” and it is FIERCE! Many designers this fall are creating more artistically sculpted shoes with very feminine aesthetics like satin, beads, and sequins. A favorite of mine is the Prada leather shoe—the heel and toe is winged…sooo avant garde! The gladiator trend will continue into the fall season and--think fast!—it’s transformed into a boot! Marc Jacobs (I know, I know…I’m totally sack-riding!) gives the glad- boot an androgynous feel that I, personally adore (also, Rihanna wore Balenciaga version recently that’s even more fierce!). Weather appropriate too; there’s nothing quite like a lady in an empire mini, oversized cashmere sweater, and girly-man boot! Oh stop your wining…If your top is nice and cozy its okay to have cold feet! All in the name of fashion ;)

Other throwbacks being given a dose or two of contemporary flare will include bold, dramatic shoulders (think Yves Saint Laurent) and the mid-length glove. Block patterns is also another favorite of mine, especially with fun colored ankle boots which conveys style and ATTI-TUDE! Yay God…chic, sophistication is never hard to find! Classic department stores such as Barney’s New York, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and even the poor-man’s version of all of the above Nordstrom’s will have the look you’ll want like crack this fall. Also for a little late night sophistication the Pussycat Dolls debut their lingerie line in 2008...which for most, is not an option. I’m just hoping our girl Rih-Rih wasn’t just tickling us when she said she planned to do the same. Clearly if the Doll’s designs are anything like their stage costumes…we’ll be in desperate need of the “Bad” Girl Formally Known as “Good” to save our T&A from skankism overexposure.

Ok, what have we learned here? It’s totally acceptable to go neo-circa-whatever, as long as we MODERNIZE. The foolishness of last season got a bit out of hand--and down-right costumey, so let’s create people, not duplicate! The word for ladies fall fashion is “chic.” That’s the one look that doesn’t appear to be anything other than exactly what it is! And while funky or psychedelic will (without a doubt) come in and out of style, chic will remain just that (plus, a lil more) FABULOUS!