Meet Chanel Diane-Billionheiress

Second contestant of our "Search of The Boot" is Chanel Diane-I was attracted to her article because she talked about the underground music scene here in Atlanta which has become quite popular with the signing of ATL's own Janelle Monae. After the READ MORE link is where you can find Diane's article. I'm asking for the LB viewers to read it and give their opinion. Remember YOU guys are picking our new writer for the Fall relaunch. I have to admit that it's killing me because I have to keep quiet on how the new site will look and who/what will be featured on it. The social life of the new writer will definitely change-get ready to be put on.


Welcome to Black Hollywood High!
By: Chanel Diane. Billionheiress

Lets take a ride, down the southern trail that leads you to the city of your hearts desires. Make a right past your favorite exclusive boutiques, a left past your favorite café, and drift past your night time escapades of the Boom Boom Room and you'll land in the soul of Atlanta… Music! Atlanta's song is different to each passer by that enters the city. But, its favorite tune lately is a new school flare all of its on.Some call the music Experimental, or Rock, Electronica, or other forms of music that aren't too familiar to the Urban culture. I personally call these music seekers Leaders of the New School! It's time to introduce the World to the Class!

Taking the class rank for "Most Likely to Suceed" Hollyweerd! In a class all of their own the players of Hollyweerd, that consists of Dreamer, The Love Crusader, Tuki and Stago Lee believe weirdos and rejects should reign supreme and their quests for success lead them to bring back that true art form of music back to Atlanta and across the World. Hollyweerd has created a strong buzz by their break through song "Weerdo" that caught a flame and created a quick buzz on the internet and through music fanatics as a whole. Soon, the song became an anthem for most with four local Atlanta natives creating a catchy dance to match the song and others caught on to the Weerdo dance. Creatively transforming music as a whole and bringing true artistry back to Atlanta, Hollweerd will be around for many moons riding high in their spaceship of Artistry.

Next up in our Black Hollywood High school rank, "Voted most Popular", Muffy Cupcakopia! With a style reminiscent of Andre 3000, she's in a lane all her own! With song titles" Popular", "Rich Girls", and "Sweet" it's pretty apparent who she caters to. Her presence on a track reminds me heavily of a solo Pharell track, the way she sing talks over the tracks and makes them all her own. I'm never disappointed with a Muffy track. Far from the overly sexy images portrayed nowadays, Muffy gives it her all like only a Popular Girl would!

Voted "Tomboy Fresh" Fiona Simone. Best described as "a little street, and a little rock and roll" Fiona Simone is in a league all her own. Hailing from Miami, Fl, this tomboy fresh critically claimed rapper is a lyrical beast, with kudos from everyone to Label Execs, Radio heads, Mr. Pollow da Don himself, on to the boys in the hood. The love doesn't end when it comes to her talents or the heights she's capable of achieving. Her 2007 album, Ladies Room 2.0, paved her way to her righteous path aided by her standout track "Feeling Some Type of Way". And Ladies Room 2.5 goes even harder! With the track "Limelight" taking over the album, Fiona's guaranteed to be stealing it in no time! Wondering who's that girl? Fiona "Tomboy Fresh" Simone, none other!

These are just a few of Atlanta's New School, check back for a few year back signings from those mentioned and a couple more who make the New School Rank.
Until then…