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Fourth contestant of our "Search of The Boot" is Ruben Hughes-I like his style of writing-it's simple, well thought out with no dramatics. Im really diggin his article because he touched on a current situation concerning authentic labels. After the READ MORE link is where you can find Hughes article. I'm asking for the LB viewers to read it and give their opinion. Remember YOU guys are picking our new writer for the Fall relaunch. I have to admit that it's killing me because I have to keep quiet on how the new site will look and who/what will be featured on it. The social life of the new writer will definitely change-get ready to be put on.


"Logo theft scandal"
by Ruben Hughes
Photography by

For numerous months now, photographs of New York party goers taken by most known club promoters such as Seven Days Seven Nights and have captured the sham of a false advertised tee shirt scandal. Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent, referred to after his self named fashion company Yves Saint Laurent was considered to be one of the greatest and influential French designers of the 20th century who pasted away this past June due to the effects of brain cancer. Surprisingly enough, June marks the end of school for most New York students and the opening to the world of clubs. For Yves’ last year in the fashion industry, teenagers mostly saw him for his simple logo tee shirt which at retail value marks around 285 American dollars. Photographs provided by Seven Days Seven Nights, showed some party goers displaying the infamous shirt in upward colors of blue, tan, red, green and gray. A Retail Sales Associate by the name of Sofia Garcia who currently works at Yves Saint Laurent’s only femme and homme emporium in New York City on E 57th street had a few words to say about this "Logo theft scandal" for a search of some much needed answers.

“Many people come into here asking for the YSL logo shirt in green and red. Of course I tell them that it doesn’t come in any other colors except white and black, but some guys prefer to believe that I’m lying because they have seen their friend in an alleged YSL tee shirt in another color and the truth is if that’s so, it’s fake.” She also went on to say that the description of the shirt clarifying the contents of whether you would know it was swindled or not. Now on the company’s website this logo shirt is described in plain form as a “Classic fit short sleeve cotton crewneck t-shirt with velvet YSL logo. 100% cotton. Hand wash, dry flat. Made in Italy and only sizes small through double large.” Also with a customer’s choice in color of white or black. In more cases, photographs are consistently found everyday of online users on and that are pictured wearing v-neck YSL tees which can be an indication already of fraudulence because Yves Saint Laurent logo shirts only come in crewneck for that specific design.

Not breaking to assumptions that everyone is involved; I decided to ask a random user with a v-neck alleged YSL tee if he had bought it at the E 57th street retail store with a hint on what Sofia explained to me and he laughed going on to say that “Hey, I made it in the game. I don’t care.” Who would have ever known that Mr. Yves’ work was a game to others? But the question pertaining this logo theft scandal is that the manufacturing details still stand unsolved and for all we really know like all counterfeit goods is that it is definitely in the New York circle and buying the false claimed product only makes you involved.