The Most Important Accessory

Maximum whitening peroxide formula whitens 5 shades. The only toothpaste with Citroxain and peroxide that whitens below the surface. I can't stress enough of how important the neck up is. From your hair, face and TEETH everything should play a part of a sitting mug. I've seen people who are decked down but their teeth are a sad story. Paint your teeth the color they should be with the paste that I use daily. It's about 7 coins but it's worth it!!

Superior Whitening TOOTHPASTE
Safe, effective whitening formula (contains Carbamide Peroxide)
Formulated to Whiten Teeth 5 Shades
Provides fluoride to fight cavities & reduces plaque and tartar
Freshens breath

m a r q u i s . p h i f e r