NEWS: Modeling - It Takes More Than Beauty

In the wonderful world of modeling most things are depicted to be picture perfect and seemingly flaw-less to the eye but when things of this nature are brought along, you can't help but open your eyes to realize that it takes more than just beauty to be a MODEL. You are looking at this picture. Staring into the eyes of a beautiful human being. Staring at a girl who has lived her life yearning to be a model. A girl who thought that she would never have the chance to be on anyone's cover page.....
Help me welcome to this beautiful world of modeling Britains First Missing TOP model - Kelly Knox. Knox is the first ever amputated signed model to an agency. Knox was awarded the title along with a fashion shoot in Marie Claire magazine and a contract with Take 2 Model Management, a top talent agency.
Kelly Knox vowed at seven years of age never to wear a prosthetic arm, claimed she never classified herself as disabled, until she decided to enter Britain's Missing Top Model, and she doesn't intend her differences to influence her career in the fashion industry. "In my household we don't use the word disabled. Never have done, never will do. I don't feel disabled but society will label me as being disabled".' Knox stated. Miss Knox lives with her mother Jackie in Enfield, North London. She also beat hundreds of applicants to win the titel. Her condition is not genetic, according to doctors, but is just something that happens "by mistake".

This is SO important to the world of FASHION. I think it is vital that these connoisseurs, designers, and agencies know that there are several aspects of modeling that are over-looked heavily by mainstream media. Whether it be plus-sized or African Americans it is overshadowed. I applaud Kelly for all of her effort to stick with her dream and to prove to those other "over-shadowed" aspects out there that it is simply possible to do anything - ANYTHING.

((...modeling making a difference))

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