Neyo Presents - FASHION

Ugh. In the past year fashion has been dabbled in by so many different artist. Some have prevailed while others have just - failed. It has prominently taken place on a female's prespective but this "Year of the Gentleman" (Neyo's album title) has proven why it has been just that for him. Since his first single dropped "Closer", Neyo has proven why he is a force to be reckoned with. With #1 songs that he has inked to fashionable performances of his own music Neyo has sky-rocketed light years!

With his 2nd single "Miss Independant" from this 3rd studio album hitting the screen, I am elated to say that he passed the test. With cameos from Trey Songz, Lauren London, Keri Hilson, and Gabrielle Union this short film is simply chic. Sharp lines, clean collars and crisp fedoras has laced this video to be a fashion know how. His masculine and clean look proves why he is the gentleman of the year.

((I see it...))

iCON :)