Real Business Talk

The best thing I've heard all week : "Gas prices are too motherfcuking high, I’ve been flying back and forth to LA pursuing my acting career. If I fly back and forth twice a month, that’s like $250,000 round trip. Fcuk that! I’m back on American Airlines now . . . and I’m in coach!”-Puff

I just bought a plan ticket to Miami for business and chick over the phone asked me if I wanted to upgrade to business class-hell naw. You could get a one-way ticket for about 75.00 to 120.00 if you purchase them 2 weeks in advance while a business class ticket will run you the price of a round-trip coach style- a lil coach ain't never hurt nobody, hell we both landing at the same terminal. Kiddos save your coins, invest the rest into many of you actually have stock?

Rich Dad Poor Dad.


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