Amerie Has A Plan

Here are a couple of shots from behind-the-scenes footage of Amerie's new upcoming project. On location in Los Angeles, Amerie looks to have had played her cards right! With noted photographer Derek Blanks and fab celebrity-stylist Adrene (whom I have BOTH had the opportunity to work with) Amerie is ready to show the world why she is still yet relevant to this maticulous music industry. Giving what seems to be a more retro-chic look, Amerie dabbled in lots of over-sized shades, neons, sequin, and gaudy accessories.
I am rooting for Miss "One Thing". Seriously. Because she has only ONE chance to make this thing work. With this great female movement in the industry she has to TIP out.... done.

((...ONE more time))

iCON :)

photos: rap-up