What's A Graduate To A Undergraduate

I've spent the last 3 days at Morehouse College trying to get my classes together, don't you just love when school starts back up. My advise-dress dope on the first day of class; it set's the tone for the rest of the semester, plus your teachers do pre-judge you. I'll admit Im always late to class; I feel as if I already graduated, Im just not into school like that-Im not a scholar and nor am I heavy into the whole college life but I must address a school issue; BOYS ON CAMPUS CAN NOT DRESS-some can but alot can't-so bring me something new and while school is not a fashion show; cleary because there are no editors or buyers on campus I think some of these boy's should focus more on their individual look and start running away from their farther's old box suits- and stop hiding behind your fitteds and sneakers.

I've had tons of boys from school tell me that they want to dress like me when they graduate and get into the real world and Im always baffled-"what are they waiting for"-the problem is so many college students feel like they MUST fit in, oh if I wear this what will people say about me-they like to stay in the closet, tip out. I remember the first time wearing my Purple Label Ralph Lauren Christow Slipper, the dudes on campus was hatin-hi hater, I got all kinds of crazy looks, but then Pharrell wears them in a spread and now I start to see boys rock them-WTF. Until this day I still get the Ace Venture looks but you have to be firm in who you are and know your brand-which is yourself.

Let Victor & Rolf help you get dressed in the morning.
Spring 2009 Collection

Let Yves Saint Laurent help dress you in the morning.
Spring 2009 Collection

Let Calvin Klein help you get dressed in the morning.
Spring 2009 Collection

I'll see you in class.

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