Fashion's MOST Powerful Moguls

With fashion week around the corner literally - the "it" list has hit the fans blowing the fabulous names of FASHIONS elite all across the media. Each year a list is complied of the most influential, stylish, and trend-setting individuals that grace the world of FASHION that we know of. Here are the TOP 10....

At the top of the list is ANNA WINTOUR, editor, Vogue. Dark glasses. Bob haircut. “The Devil Wears Prada.” No one in fashion is as influential as the fearsomely smart, British-born editor. She’s so famous, she’s become a one-namer: Madonna, Cher, Anna.

PATRICK ROBINSON, head designer, Gap Inc. Parachuted in to help revive Gap’s floundering collection, he has unveiled his first full season. Given his pedigree (stints at Armani, Paco Rabanne, Perry Ellis), it’s no surprise it’s wearable and on-trend.

MARC JACOBS, designer. Soon, no doubt, Bleecker will be renamed Marc Jacobs St., thanks to his boutiques there. He makes headlines for his private life (did he really just marry his boyfriend in France?) but his killer designs, for his own label and Louis Vuitton, cement his status.

GISELE BUNDCHEN, supermodel. The sex-on-long-legs supe launched the invasion of the Brazilian bombshells and bucked the trend of boyish catwalkers. She’s an endorsement magnet, charity campaigner and stepmom (kinda, to boyfriend Tom Brady’s son, John). Just thank goodness she’s not planning on any more acting (“Taxi,” anyone?)

MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG. He’s a businessman as much as a mayor, and that’s one reason he has been so supportive of the fashion industry in New York — he understands the cash it generates. Mike’s a power player for having sweet-talked the city into letting the tents stay in Bryant Park for the foreseeable future instead of being exiled to the West Side rail yards.

FERN MALLIS, senior vice president, IMG Fashion. She was the brains behind New York Fashion Week as we know it, creating the setup in 1993. Today she helms the 80-show monster twice a year, as well as clones in cities like Mumbai, Moscow and Berlin.

CONSTANCE WHITE, eBay style director. Cool and calm, she’s a soothing onscreen presence who regularly pops up as a pundit on all things stylish. Her eBay gig underscores how vital the site is for fashionistas seeking vintage classics or sold-out styles from this season.

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG, designer and CFDA chairwoman. The wrap dress was DVF’s ingenious, cover-of-Time idea almost 40 years ago. She’s as elegant and relevant as ever, running a chain of DVF stores as well as helming the Council of Fashion Designers of America, whose annual award ceremony is the frock jockeys’ answer to the Oscars. The chisel-cheeked Belgian is married to media mogul Barry Diller

RUTH FINLEY, publisher, Fashion Calendar. Since 1941, Finley (now almost 90 and still spry) has been the schedule-keeper for harried fashionistas with her hot pink Fashion Calendar (now online at www.fashioncalendar.net), logging every show, store opening, party and glamorous bash in the industry.

JULIE MANNION, head of show production, and NIAN FISH, consulting creative director, KCD Worldwid.e Staging a big-deal runway show is like herding a pack of couture-clad cats — and Mannion and Fish, the creative forces behind New York’s splashiest shows (Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren), are at the top of the heap.

To get the rest of the list click HERE . The race is on and fashion week is sure to be a craze this season! Make sure that you check back here at LateBoots.com for coverage!

Source: New York News

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