I F@#$& With FANNY PAK

I am usually not the one to be into dance crews or any of these tv series (since I don't watch TV that often unless its Top Model or Project Runway) but when my little cousin trapped me into watching MTV's Americas Best Dance Crew I was immediately hooked - on Fanny Pak. Rocking neon colors, head bands, tights, cool sneaks, and boom boxes the Pak had me on edge for every episode! Each performance not only included SICK choreography but they also "themed" up their attire from 80's prom wear to cool retro chic apparel that landed them in the final three. After being robbed of the title (in my opinion) Fanny Pak proved why they were the most "trendiest" and unique out of the crews and has moved on to bigger and better things. I gets MY entire LIFE from these kids! Go OFF FANNY!((...i wish i could dance))