Im Coming Out

So I've been hiding my love for Jasmine Sullivan for awhile now. When she first came onto the scene-way back when she was doing underground music I use to not give her-her life. It seemed as if everybody was on her coat tale so I chose to be different. And it's not like I had bad things to say about JS but I didn't get life. She wasn't cunt enough for me. But baby, I just got her album Fearless and it's a fool wit it. I can't stop listening. JS is talking real shit and I live for it. And that's when I realized she isn't that type of artist to dance and swing her hair on stage, she just sings for the Gods and Im so inlove with it.

My favorite tracks on the album in order-Live A Lie, One Night Stand, My Foolish Heart, Switch, Lions, Tigers & Bears, Bust Your Windows, Call Me Guilty.

iTunes has her album for only 7 bucks and some change, go buy it.

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