It's Victoria

Victoria Beckham has once again surfaced! Ugh. I am so happy to see my home skillet. Anywho, Vicki B was out in Manchester this past Thursday promoting her new fragrance Signature that hits stores soon. Tipping out in Giambittista Valli the entire visit (all white number paired with sequined Louboutins & the wide-legged trouser jumper) Mrs. Beckham also spoke about her upcoming dress line that is debuting this upcoming fashion week.

"They're very sexy dresses. Full-length frocks and bold colours - stuff that makes women feel good. I'm just showing it to a collection of magazine journalists and boutique retailers because I want to start off small and see what the reaction is. I really hope people will like it."

I am so excited that Posh is debuting. I will be sitting anxiously waiting to see model phish bend the corner tipping for Mrs. Vicky! Check out the commercial for the fragrance with her and superstar hubby David Beckham..

((...ALL kinds of BEAT))