And This Is Called PLAGIARISM

Ok so we have a PROBLEM. Some blog in this universe is stealing our post word for word. Now below is a post I ORIGINALLY did during fashion week when designer Kesh sent me an email about her runway show, now why did I find this same post amongst many others on this blog that shall REMAIN NAMELESS. Our Wendell post is even on there!!-how do you steal someones personal story? So Sham and I spent hours going through this blog and we felt as if we were staring into a mirror. The funny thing is, Sham met the creator; which he isn't cause he has nothing original on his blog in New York this summer. I take it he was an avid reader until he turned into our shadow.

Dude are you serious? Like how do you copy and paste our post word for word yet you conveniently FORGOT TO COPY OUR SIGNATURE. You know the little thing that seals the deal. And then to make matters worse, you don't even have us on your blog list!!!

Im dying for you guys to go through that blog to see our original post, but Im not linking that shit.
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