Front Row Lockdown

First let me say how elated [ find a new word ] I was when we were asked to attend the CAU Homecoming Fashion Show, in a nut shell finally Atlanta gives you fashion. The show was called Adrenaline and I must admit there were times where I caught chills. The 6 scene show started off with fireworks from the runway while monitors captured the models every move. The concepts were well executed-some of the models had their mouths taped shut during an all white scene. The beats were crazy and my favorite designer that night was Rafael Cox, his dresses were impeccable. All credit should be given to Celebrity Stylist and student Jerermy Haynes and his team-he put on one of his best shows to date, as he wraps up his senior year Im quite confident that he is the one to watch. Finally somebody came to work. That is all.

We caught up with one of the LB Boot search contestants "Lou" who was enjoying the show.

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