Ladies Don't Do It

Whenever I see a female in some late ass shit I often think--don't blame her but the store it trickled down into-some tragic boutique. She then buys it thinking it's in style because at the counter they have magazine clippings of the stars rocking it. I was appalled when I saw these garments below-high waisted denim, those awful sandals, that cheetah print never stopped. Does Atlanta even have fashion? Im over it. New York Fall '09 is looking like my next move. No shade. But sidenote to any boutique owner, your merchandise is the most important factor when launching a successful store. People put too much into the ambiance-I can't wear it. My ultimate goal as a consumer is to find pieces that I like and buy them. I don't care how it looks inside, although it is important, I would buy Ralph Lauren pieces out somebody's trunk if they had the new collection.

Just put it in a nice bag.

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