& You Thought You Had A Hustle

Aight so check it, my homie Lamar James-Supermodel of the world hit up the Knicks game and meet the ultimate hustler, 15 year old Alex Goldberg.

"I ran into this lil kid at the Knicks game and he immediately started asking me and my boys questions about what we do for a living. I had an extra ticket so I gave it to him so he can chill out on his quest to a couple more rows down to the front row. Alex Goldberg. The Ultimite New Yorker and Hustler. This 14 year old kid was telling us about what clubs to hit, whats hot and whats not while trying to introduce us to the Knicks players. He even bought us dinner at the game and wouldn't take no for an answer. After seeing his huge stacks, I asked the 5'2 kid what he does for a living and he replied, "Im a Hustler. I Hustle People and Im looking to either open a Sneaker shop or Restaurant" If I have ever met a New Yorker before, this was the ultimate. Even so that New York Magazine wrote an article on him. If you google his name he is the first name to pop up. Alex Goldberg. I can only imagine where this dude will be in 10 years. Alot of us could take some lessions. Especially if you are 21 and over and still shy or conservative. lol. Big up Alex Goldberg."

Yeah that's superswagger in the building.

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