Boots And The City pt. 2: Continuation...

Next Stop-The Bkc...The Bearded Man, Bevin, Colin, and Marlon

It was only right that I made a stop by the new store to check up on my homies. If you haven't dropped by the new spot already, RUN don't walk. Their new fall/winter looks are SICK! Plus the variety of brands aside from the BKc brand is growing everyday. Be sure to check with Bevin or Colin to style you a fit for your next event. Tell em' Sham sent you and maybe you'll get a family discount. ((just kidding)) Oh & check out their blog HERE

The Brooklyn Circus

150 Nevins St
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11217
Tel: 718.858.0919
Fax: 718.222.9772
Hours: Daily From 12-7pm

Tomorrow: The Nike iD studio, I wonder what they want with me...