Female Version Of A Hustla

Aixa Weekes, Fashion Editor-GIANT Magazine.I had the pleasure of working under Ms. Weekes this past summer. I would go to showrooms and pick out dresses she would wear to events. She trust my sense of style. I would come to the office waiting to see what kind of shoes she would wear. We both bonded over Jay-Z tracks. I respect her so much. She's so petite and sweet. We would have talks about what I want to do with myself. She gave good pointers and advice. She has this white flower on her desk, it's makes everything so chic. You know she has the sickest haircut I've seen in awhile. She's actually helping me with my new look for Spring/Summer '09. She graduated from Howard University, interned at Vibe Magazine, worked for America and now she has one of the top spots at GIANT Magazine.

See kids, you can do it too. Work.

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