Concrete Advice

[ You Really Wanna Know Huh ]"Hey Mr. Phifer, let me first start off by saying I love your blog. I had to know if you were a dealer, because it's dope to me lol but anyway I was wondering if you had any advice for other bloggers. I run a blog ( insert blog address here ) and it was definetly inspired by lateboots and aaron doing ya'll thing. It's hard getting it off the ground. Please help."

I really like the fact that my team and I have inspired so many...but somethings should be left to the professionals and I mean that in the most humble way. Im on my way to the gym [ thanks to the post below ] so let me wrap this up real quick and I want to give some advice to a few fellow bloggers. I've rececied tons of emails about how can people create/start/perfect their blog and here is my response.

Some people are meant to be observers, what do you have new to offer to the world? Recycling should not be blogged. Sometimes you should just respect the artistry of other blogs, get your life and then tip. It's not meant to be done again and at the end of it all what are you really creating? Everyone shouldn't blog because everyone doesn't have the "IT" factor. Find something else you're good at, blogging is much more than a post, it's about the people.

Now for my over thinkers Im not saying that we don't or that it's not ok to use other post from blogs but Im speaking on a bigger platform..WHAT IS THE REAL PURPOSE OF YOUR BLOG?. Again I do appreciate every email but come on people, there is an art to blogging-from the dynamics, the images, the content. So if being creative doesn't come natural then find something else to do; start something new, don't tailgate.

Thank you & you're welcome.

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