Sham & I [ The Reality Series ]

[ In The Studio With Mums FP ]
The best conversations take place in the studio.
[ Vacation Day 4 ]

Ok so Im loving this vacation time, I've been workin out heavy, doing photoshoots and just chillin wit my peeps. Today I hung out with Mums FP of LLSC [ Lavish Life Social Club ] and a few other Atlanta artist. My girl Kei and I [ artist management] chopped it up business style. People don't sleep on Atl in 09. The dialogue between creative people is genius. Oh yeah so the light's were dim low low cause you know what goes on in the studio...keep it on the low low. But the conversation was on. LateBoots is real shit homie.

Coughs* yeah so Sham & I will be hitting the studio soon.

" ...I call them the Gucci bag girls, so girls I been seeing in Black Hollywood who ain't really say nothing look with they noises up to me I be payin them or whatever but now they be like hey gurl when we gon hang out, you gon give me your number....but I give them my number just so they can keep doin what they doin..."-Muffy in the studio.

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