Skin Got Me Lookin Like A Chocolate Chip

You know it's funny because I really don't like being around people but I was thrilled to be surrounded by my dermatologist today. It's been so long and you have to understand my relationship with my doctors-I go to their houses for dinner and attend their children's recitals. So today I rolled thru Dr. Suzanne Bruce and Associates here in Houston to chat with my friends. Ofcourse I had them look at my face and she said "Marquis your skin looks great, it's nothing more we can do"...I know-that's what I like to hear. So I asked her what could the kids use who weren't blessed with that cookie dough skin. She told me about a new product on the market called Fresh. Soy Face Cleanser (5.2 oz.)

Sugar Face Polish (4.2 oz.)

Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

Appleseed Brightening Exfoliant

Repair & Restore Face Balm

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