Be A Man.

Photo: Alan Flusser at his office in New York.

"I will pair monogrammed velvet slippers with sweat pants, cashmere and silk neck scarves with tee shirts, jeans with custom made suit jackets, or silk scarves with knit sport shirts and shorts," Flusser adds. "I like mixing vintage and new clothes, cheap with pricey, formal and informal. For me, dressing has always been a practiced art form and thus a creative means of self-expression."

Fashion Philosophy: "I will wear anything -- my clothes or others -- as long as they fit my criteria for long-term stylishness. I like to mix things together and come up with something different and improbable each day. I have probably never worn the same outfit twice." Alan Flusser

Flusser is the author of "Dressing the Man" and other mens clothing books. Click here to purchase