The Billionaires Boy Club.

Name: Dmitry Zelenov

Age: 35

Fortune: self made

Source: real estate

Net Worth: $1.4 bil

Country Of Citizenship: Russia

Residence: Moscow , Russia, Europe & Russia

Industry: Engineering/Construction

Education: Moscow State University

Graduated from Moscow State University and SUNY Stonybrook in the early 1990s, then got a job at bank Evrofinance. Meanwhile, aspiring developer (and now billionaire) Maxim Blazhko, founder of construction giant Don-Stroy, needed capital to finance his projects; Zelenov became a co-owner of the company. Since then, under his leadership, Don-Stroy has built many of the most well-known sites in Moscow, including the 833-foot-tall Triumph Palace apartment tower, until 2007 the tallest residential building in Europe.