Brown Sugar.

Location: Pop Burger

As much as I need to be on a diet, I love trying out new restaurants. Not so much for the food because I honestly don't eat that much, but for the environment. [all of that food was not mine] Isn't that what New York is all about? [Who's up on the new-new spot, clubs, VIP lounges...etc] Pop Burger is the perfect hang-out spot and/or venue for a party. Although I couldn't understand why it was so hard for them to get the temperature right. At one point the heat was blasting over my head, then the air was so cold it chilled my food. And that's a no bueno. However, the food was good and their playlist made me want to update my iPod. Plus Madonna's concert displaying on the wall got a couple cool points.

Pop Burger
14 E 58th st.
New York