Let's not talk about the recession-that shits depression but let's find ways on how to save our money. True story I went to Barney's the other day and I had my hands on a few BBC shirts and some bags. I was about to make my way to the money monster counter and I thought to myself, why am I spending money when I should focus on money coming in? I layed those garments back in their rightful place and headed to the vintage shop. It must've been my lucky day because I found Marc Jacobs and Gucci-on deck. After shopping I worked up an appetite and I went to my favorite restaurant Dolce. Now this place is pretty pricey but on Mondays and Tuesdays it's 50% off your bill. Yes mam half price. If you search around you can always find restaurants with weekly specials. I dined on lobster and racked up on labels for a lil of nothing. I always have a good feelin when I save money.