Fam From The West Coast.

Name: Thee Mark
Age: 17
Occupation: freelance designer (Passe') and model,
represent A.L.I.E.N NYC for LA, Prmtve Movement, and collaborating w/ Ti$a.

What is Mark wearing?....Ted Lapidus sunglasses, YSL jacket, Pierre Cardin shirt, Chanel chain, and floral pin.

When we wake there are some routines we do to start off our day. For me, I brush my teeth, use my facial scrub,put some moisturizer,cook my breakfast while I play with my little brother, then I sit in front of my laptop and venture. I check my nice lovely emails, my myspace, then there are the websites I visit--Mine,Ye's blog and LATEBOOTS. I have been keeping up with them for a while now. And to me, I think they are what the future needs. You see in this FLY $hit section i'm not all about the clothes. It's more of what you do to help knowledge and motivate people to step out of their comfort zone and kick it up a notch need I say more, these guys are truly remarkable. Sham and I are chopping up some ideas for a project. And I am more than excited for this!I feel like im writing a testimony here! hah but, there's nothing better than combining forces and ideas and becoming a superpower sorta like a United Nations of Fashion.
They are located in ATL & NY I salute them for everything. Lateboots--Way to go.

Thank You & You're Welcome Moments
: Thee Mark & Sham...coming soon 09'