Artist : Andy Warhol Nibble Lips

Am I the only one with money on the mind for this 2009? Im so tired of this love jones shit. I could careless about being in any type of relationship unless it's with a dead president. My mother tells me that Im focused on the wrong thing. She wants me to get a normal job with basic benefits. She's so simple at times. But my father tells me to get this motherfuckin money. Those were his exact words. So it's plain to see where my whole plan comes from. Im baffled at my generation and the main focus in our lives. Love. You want a girlfriend? You want a boyfriend? Awww how sweet---how about get your game up so you can have your own legacy, that way you can give it to your sons-let 'em live it up, split it up, switch it up. Question: Do you honestly think Russell and Diddy was worried about some kitty kat while they was on their grind?--Im not feelin it, no more gettin it. I think our downfall is we've gotten so lazy. I guess the era of the hustlers was in the 80's. Now this doesn't apply to all people, if you're content with your life then rock on. Love is a beautiful thing. But this is for my money chasers who wanna see their names in lights. You know, you've had this...fantasy in your head about getting outta the life and, setting the world on its ear. What the FUCK you gonna do except hustle? Let me state facts: This is your only shot. There is no remix or part 2. One life. See we all have written down our plans, we got the blueprint done but we all need to stay focus. It's another year which means you got 12 months to stack up your coins. You want it? Go get it..... naw you really ain't got the stomach for that. Tell you what, my plan is to become that nigga. I can't sleep at night cause Im so focused man. What am I gonna do with some _____ in my ear waking me up from my dreams. Girl goodnight.