Man In The Mirror.

Clip: Simon Doonan talks about Eccentric Glamour

Simon Doonan is the creative director of the New York City-based clothing store, Barneys. English-born, he ascended to his post after joining the Barneys staff in 1986 as a window dresser. Previously, he worked as a window dresser in Los Angeles. He first exercised influence at the London store Nutters of Savile Row. In addition to his work at Barneys, he has written a column on style for the New York Observer. In his latest book, Eccentric Glamour, he has decried porno chic in Western society in general. Interviewed for an article for the New York Daily News, he said, "There are two horribly worrying trends! Celebrities are becoming so gun-shy that there is no diversity, no sense of fun on the red carpet. There's no experimentation - which is incredibly important to fashion."

55 sec....go to it-listen to the story.
Why does he remind me of myself...I love this guy.