Picture: Edie Sedgwick using the only phone in the Factory, NYC, Stephen Shore, 1965-1967

I think there should be a rule or certain etiquettes when sending someone a text message. First things first, if you have something important to say please don't send it via text-it's border line rude to deliver news that way, especially when it's bad. This means if you have something you want to discuss with a friend, call them because simple words can turn rude and you're not able to control how they take them-plus I hate when they turn into arguments via text, all that typing really really fast will make your fingers tired. Second thing, if someone texts you, believe that message is time sensitive. Responding hours or days later is rude. Oh and I hate forwarded messages, if you can't type something to me specific then don't text me at all. And chain letters is the perfect way to get deleted from my network and those damn signatures, I don't wanna read your name or quote after each text you send. Too much. Keep texting simple " hey Im on my way, hey what are you doing, hey meet me in 15 min", everything else deserves a phone call.