Militant Sense.

Item: Military Crop Jacket

Item: Military Marching Knit

Ok so I've been over this whole military jacket get up for guys-it's nothing worse than seeing a grown ass man in a big military jacket knowing he was not in combat. And while we're talking about guys, this mohawk thing and braids is a big no no-especially if you're 30 +. But this is not about the fellas. Ladies yes, let's get back to that. So Im really feelin this more cropped/tailored version of the military jacket for women. It's a piece that you can just throw on with jeans and pumps-and tip. Im not really feelin the over done look for this Spring-Im having an affair with all of my garments in the sense I can pair certain things together that you typically wouldn't see. I almost want you to get dressed and not make sense. Make sense?