Morehouse Man.

Photo: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is greeting his people after he received the Nobel Peace prize in 1964, Baltimore, MD

Being a young black man and having the privilege to attend the same college that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. went to is an extrondary feeling. I walk down the same halls that this man did. Some might not know this but when you're a Morehouse student you are referred to as a "Man of Morehouse" and it is when you graduate that you become a "Morehouse Man". If I could only leave Morehouse College half the man Dr. King IS would be amazing. Im so not a scholar but I've learned that almost anything is possible. Some would be surprised that he graduated Morehouse College was a C average. His legacy is at the mist of my finger tips. It's about helping others, even his own kind was against him, some people don't like change. We have the opportunity to make our own history. I think we all should.