Disney All Day.

Title: Mickey Mouse
Artist: Andy Warhol

True story: So yesterday I was at the gym-Im on the treadmill going 7.5 and Im watching the flat screens as they hang below. I see a man, a grown man in this early 30's. He's riding the elliptical bike reading a book. I said to myself, oh that's great, he gets all of his reading in while he worksout-it's always good to have a distraction, the time goes by faster. So I took a gander at the book that he was reading and it's Harry Potter, The Tales of Beedle the Bard. NO MAM. So I thought to myself, well I might as well come out, I changed the channel to Disney and watched my favorite shows, Proud Family, Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place ( favorite ). DON'T FRONT. You know you get life too!! Real talk that's the only good shit on T.V.


Masculinity isn't determined by what you watch-but what you react to. Shrugs shoulders* it sounded like the right thing to say. Go with the flow.