Property: 4 floor townhouse, Harlem New York
Rent $10,000

Yo so you know Sham & I are moving to New York this summer. Cheah! It's gonna be krazy. So we been looking for a few spots in Harlem, we need a big space ( for the show ) and ofcourse it's gonna be done roomate style with a few of our friends. But I been laughing at New York real estate cause the prices are bananaz. I've had my eye on a lil piece of bread by way of Lenox & Seventh Ave-This grand four-story 1880s townhouse graces the beauty of Harlem with its distinctive detailing, brand new mechanicals, stuccoed facade with arched windows...All walls provide for extra noise protection. The house has 7 wood burning fire places, sauna, patio and garden, central air,heat vacuum, 2 laundry rooms, CAT 6 Internet and cable wiring throughout the house. The meticulous renovation just ended, and the most striking original interior and exterior features have been maintained.This home shows absolute sophistication, modern refinements and every detail to optimize living comfort. The neighborhood is fantastic, walking distance to 3 Parks, all transportations, many restaurants and fine shopping.

Me no likey that rent, no mam. So I guess the search continues, and if you got any leads or contacts on some buildings hit me up!! Lol