True Story.

Photo: Mums FP awaits crowd/performance

Let's recap-Atlanta is rising and the talent in my city is BANANAZ. We been jamin that new shit and it's time for the masses to catch on. Im talking REAL t.v. and hustles. Now if you can remember I made my way to the studio and chilled with Mums FP, I heard some of his new music from his mixtape=crack. Oh but it get's better, he just released his mixtape and had a listening party at Slice lastnight. Now unfortuanlty I couldn't make it--I had an advanced composition paper due today but that shouldn't stop you from downloading the song "The Anthem"--and get your Amy Winehouse on.

The Anthem” is a song I wrote to show how relevant my lyrics are to listeners that associate themselves with the ‘hood, along with those who come from a more suburban lifestyle. Both ways of life are very evident in my music, cuz it’s real. It’s how I grew up. I don’t make music for 1 group of people; I want everybody to rock to this shit.
- Mums FP