Shoe Game.

An essential part of mens dress( if not the most essential) is the footwear. It's normally for first looked at, and last left on the mind. Many men make the mistake and select shoes that don't fit their personality, taste, and current season, which can destroy a decent outfit. A mens shoes should portray a voice, allowing people the opportunity to sense the individual you are.

Every men should have a diverse and essential shoe collection, which consist of 5 pairs.

1. Black - Either a cap toe, monk strap , Loafer. You never go wrong with a solid black.

2. Brown - Suede( which are year round) adds character to that standard Navy, Gray, and Tan suit.

3. Tennis shoes- keep them simple and classic. You can always were the casually with a pant and button down.

4. Boots- Depending on your profession, Stay away from WORK BOOTS. Keep it classic with a rubber sole and an interesting cut.

5. The conversational pair- As I say, get them talking. This includes, a formal, seasonal , exotic, or unique cut and color with your collection.

1. Black - Gaziano & Girling Wiltshire - TG73 Black Calf

2. Brown - Gaziano & Girling Buccleugh - MH71 Polo Suede

3. White on white chuck Taylor Converse

4. Alden Chukkas Boots

5. Gaziano & Girling Mitchell - Vintage Chestnut TG73 Last
* Note - Sine your own shoes, after you have worn them that day. The leather is warm and allows the paste to work into the leather. creating a professional sine.

D. Brown