Shopping Experience.

Photo: Fox & Fawn Vintage Boutique , Manhattan, New York

Tips for the best shopping experience:

1. If you find an item and it's a 50/50 purchase, let the final price determine the outcome.

2. Don't wait last minute to do your shopping for Events/ Occasions.
When interesting garments present themselves take into consideration the use they might need.

3. When you come across garments that are classic and versatile(you'll never go wrong), consider them for final selection before checkout.

4. Don't plan to go shopping, be spontaneous and open to labels you may never have worn. Learn not to limit yourself, you'll miss out on your blessings

5. Be consistent with your shopping , do it as often as your pockets allow and closet can handle.

6. It takes no money to look great . Vintage shopping is some of the best for creative classical pieces.
*on the contrary vintage shopping can be dangerous, be aware of how you blend the old and new.

7. You'll find if you set a budget for shopping, you tend to get more for your dollar and cut out unnecessary spending.

Try it and see.