48 Hours.

Photos: 255 Tapas Lounge, Atlanta, Ga 2 thumbs up!

In my heart you're all I need. It's something about them, it's the feeling that I get when Im tasting her. Some prefer walks in the park, museum galleys, but me-good food. Im sorry but I be tired of dem fruit smoothies and dem carrot sticks. Yeah I had to say that real ( ebonics ) like. I've never really been into burgers but 255 on Peter's St. here in Atlanta give me exactly what I need. I begin my escape at the end of each week, I order the 4 mini burgers and I choose the turkey and steak with a side of sweetie potato fries with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Blank stare*, crazy crazy wonderful. But then when it's all over I feel sleepy....and a lil guilty yeah. But remember, you can do things like this once or twice every week, just don't be in der errr day. Remember it's not about being extra skinny, shit we real people, but being in the best shape that our bodies allow us to be should be the main focus. My "What Are You Waiting For ( Believe In Something )" guide will be up later this week. For whomever might be interested in pulling an NBA Player, or a atleast a dude with a refund card. You know the summer is coming soon...