Book Deal.

Photos: Stick to the script; Marquis the author.

Aight well you can kinna sorta call us authors, maybe. Sham & I will be featured in a book, yes it is true, from blogging to print--the book focuses on the world of fashion & (scene /street) style blogs that rule on the internet today and will appear around June 2009.

The book is on one hand an extensive index with the URLs of fashion blogs from around the world, divided into various categories. Sham and I will have a 2 - 4 page spread in addition to an interview on our views on blogging. When the book is finish you'll know and it will be a link available for purchase. You know how modest I am. So Im suppose to be in class reading a book yet I'm working on a book. How preposterous is that?

Book signings? Aight aight Im pushing it I know right.