Casual Luxury.

Sighting: Leaving Sid Mashburn, voted as one of GQ’s 100 best men’s stores in America, Altanta Ga

Earlier that day: I was out having lunch with my brothers, we always make time to dine with one another atleast once a week. We then somehow ended up at one of our favorite hidden men's boutique here in Atlanta. I think because Sid is just amazing. The shop was occupied with only us and my boy D put the magic to work, we danced in the store and it acted as our closet. We put together atleast 10 looks-got fitted, tailors went to work and we pick up Friday. I told them to make my jackets so tight that if I gain 1 pound it wouldl look like Im wearing my little brothers blazer. We rented a beach house in a certain location for spring break, plus I'll be O.C. ( out the country ) at the end of March so I was in need of a summer/light linen double breasted jacket that Im getting made for the upcoming hot climates.

Photo detail: I tend to not over think what I put on, I simply do what I feel without being apologetic. Either you like it or you don't, Im still gonna make my statement. Im in a current state of casual luxury; this is when I pair textures and colors that are usually not paired together. I threw on these Ralph Lauren cargo pilot pants; I love them because they have over 10 pockets, with a tweed RL blazer and green sweater. I wanted to pair this look with a slipper and my favorite pair of socks. It doesn't make sense but then it does. Sometimes I don't make sense. My sentence structure and spelling will never be fully correct or perfect. But who likes perfection, there is so much beauty in a flaw. I hate ironing so I don't use one, if it's wrinkle then hey...that's what the look is for that day. You'll never have on the perfect outfit. But I know me, Im in such a contrast state of mind where I'll wear sweat pants with a double breasted. Im so not traditional, and neither is my life. Perfect compliment.